Hey all, I’m writing to you from the mountains of Eastern Tennessee where I am resting and relaxing before a big push on all fronts (Beast, GarDel, my own jazz group, Zenph research). I am writing this post on a dial-up connection. Do you realize how addicted we’ve become to fast bandwidth and processing? Waiting one minute for Google News to load is apparently the most excruciating thing ever. And you can just forget about images. But the sound of the modem brings me back to childhood. That was when you had to reboot your Mac LC so that you could plug in your external CD-ROM drive via SCSI so you could load up your encyclopedia program so you could do homework.

But I digress. Next week I’ll be announcing some really big things for my hip hop band, The Beast. For now we’ll say that it involves dope beats, a gospel choir, Nnenna Freelon, crazy-awesome graphic art, NPR, and a club near you.. I haven’t properly introduced The Beast on this blog, so I’ll give some background, pics, music next week. In the meantime, I’m really excited to share with you the result of our first year’s work together. It will all have to wait for my cable modem though..