Whew!  I’ve been absent from blogging for two weeks because I come home absolutely exhausted and brain dead from eight-hour rehearsal days…what a treat!  The Kennedy Center residency has brought me together with 28 peers, solid in their mastery of their instruments, strong in their improvisational and compositional voices.  We’ve been making great music with each other under the tutelage of some true jazz veterans.  This has also been a time to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of arts administration and educational organization.  I now have so many ideas for future workshops, performances, bands, collectives, and institutions that I would like to one day create.  The program is named after underdog/profound jazz vocalist, Betty Carter, for whom I now have a deep appreciation (both for her artistry and her business philosophy) after watching a film and hearing a panel discuss her work.

Thanks to the Kennedy Center publicist, there is a blurb in Downbeat Magazine about the BCJA residents.  Here, also, is a blog post in Raleigh’s News and Observer about me and Clif Wallace, the other participant from North Carolina.

As I mentioned in the original post, the residency is broken up into four ensembles which will give concerts each night at 6pm, Wednesday April 1st through Friday April 3rd, at the Kennedy Center Millenium Stage.  Free, open to the public.  Really cool.  Each concert will also be broadcast live on the internet and then archived for you to view whenever you want.  Here is the link to watch each concert:  http://www.kennedy-center.org/programs/millennium/.  You will need to download and install the latest Real Player to view the video.

On Wednesday my own group hits around 6:45; Thursday and Friday we go on around 6:30.  On Thursday we will be premiering my latest (and new favorite) composition entitled “somehow it seems to help.”  Everyone here is really digging it, which makes me happy.  You would too if the drummer in your combo was a 17 year old genius who could totally destroy your 7/8-time-signatured-craziness like it was a nursery rhyme.

See you on the internets!