I haven’t spoken as myself in public lately.  Most of my efforts have been administrative, refining the underpinnings of The Beast and Orquesta GarDel, letting those entities speak on my behalf.  Each band has developed a nice blogging presence on their respective websites, so I feel less of a need to cross- or re-post on my own site.

There are, however, two interviews that I am pleased to share:

  1. The spring edition of the NC Arts Council’s Artful Living newsletter, where I and other bloggers recommend places to catch live music in North Carolina.  Not surprisingly, I focus on jazz, R&B, soul, and world genres.  This newsletter also features a great story about Zenph Sound Innovations, my employer and technological passion.
  2. WXYC 89.3FM Chapel Hill hosts a Global Music Show, and moderated an interview with myself, Nelson Delgado, and David Garcia about our respective roles in founding Charanga Carolina and Orquesta GarDel.  I think this is the only time the three of us have gotten to talk at length about those formative years at UNC.  This episode of the Global Music Show features recordings from both groups, and the awesomely lame attribute of being in the Real Player format.  Happy listening!