Lo Que Tú Querías


Tracks 1 and 3, music & arrangement by Andy Kleindienst (BMI), lyrics by Nelson Delgado (BMI) & Jaime Roman (BMI)
Tracks 2 and 4, music & arrangement by Eric Hirsh (BMI), lyrics by Nelson Delgado
All rights reserved

Produced by Eric Hirsh, Peter Kimosh, Andy Kleindienst
Tracked and mixed at Steady State Studios by Peter Kimosh
Mastered by Brent Lambert at The Kitchen

album art & design, Lauren Hirsh, openidesigns.com

Orquesta GarDel is:
Jaime Roman, lead vocals | Nelson Delgado, lead vocals | Eric Hirsh, piano/co-director | Peter Kimosh, bass | Ramon Ortiz, bongo/vocals | Julio “Timbalon” Correa, bongo/conga | Brevan Hampden, timbales | José Sanchez, conga | Bluford Thompson, saxophones & flute | Tim Smith, saxophones & flute | Andy Kleindienst, trombone/vocals/co-director | Alberto Carrasquillo, trumpet | Al Strong, trumpet