People You May Know

People You May Know is a series of character sketches inspired by experience, observation, imagination, and affairs of the heart. You may know these people. You may even be one of these people. Every song is a story.

Of course, the album title is also a wink and a nod at social networks' current ubiquity and how these networks have changed our interactions with the world. They connect and reveal us to each other, but their presence can also serve to isolate us or complicate relationships.

People You May Know is my third solo album, following 2009's Trunk Songs and 2010's Realign Your Mind. While I'm still hewing roughly to the troubador's path, my genre adventures in songwriting continue. Jazz Standards, Soul Classics, Folk Songs, Beach Music, Murder Ballads, and Classic Pop Hits (among other things) flavor the gumbo this time around.

Many of these recordings were realized with the able collaboration of some very talented musicians and songwriters: Pianist Eric Hirsh, Bassist Peter Kimosh, Drummer Stephen Coffman, Guitarist Gibb Droll, multi-instrumentalist / engineer Eric Fritsch, Bassist Aaron Oliva, and songwriters Nancy Armstrong and Brian Ashley Jones. Thanks to these folks for their help. As always, Thank *YOU* for listening.


all songs written by Greg Humphreys, © Greg Humphreys BMI except:
"Must Be The Moon" © Greg Humphreys BMI, Nancy Armstrong BMI
"Low And Meddlesome sound" © Greg Humphreys BMI, Brian Ashley Jones BMI