I have been absent from this blog for quite some time and I”ll chalk it up to last month being one of the busiest and most significant of my life thus far: Lauren and I were married on October 3rd and The Beast released it’s debut album on October 16th.

Today I have very special news: Zenph Studios, the music technology company for which I do instrument research and development and event production, is announcing that it has secured $10.7M in VC funding from Intersouth Partners in Durham and Capitol Broadcasting in Raleigh.  Secondly, Kip Frey, one of Intersouth’s VC partners, is coming aboard as our new CEO.  Thirdly, we are relocating to a research and office space in the American Tobacco Historic District in Durham (a move which thrills me).  Fourth, we are changing our name to “Zenph Sound Innovations, Inc.”  And lastly, our board of directors will include some Intersouth partners, as well as a former CEO from Red Hat and an IP copyright lawyer from Google.

This day has been years in the making.  Everyone at Zenph is excited for this opportunity to take our company to the next level, developing a technology that will truly revolutionize the music industry.  I will continue to work on gestural acquisition and mapping and physical modeling for musical instruments beyond the piano.

Here are some links to press releases on this topic: